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Nature's Charm/SAMUI VEGAN SAMPLE BOX (15items)

Nature's Charm/SAMUI VEGAN SAMPLE BOX (15items)

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This amazing Vegan Sample box is full of some of the best Vegan Products.

Items included in the BOX:

1 Banana Blossom in Brine 18oz

1 Jackfruit in Water 20oz

1 Jackfruit in Brine 20oz

1 Jackfruit Confit 7oz

 1 Jackfruit BBQ 7oz

1 Jackfruit Siracha 7oz

1 Vegan Calamari 15oz

1 Vegan Scallop 15oz

1 Coconut Custard 14oz

1 Coconut Condensed milk Bottle Squeezable 11.25oz

1 SAMUI Oat Condensed milk 11.25oz

1 SAMUI Oat Evaporated milk 12.2oz

1 Coconut Butterscotch sauce 7oz

1 Coconut Caramel sauce 7oz

1 Coconut Salted caramel sauce 7oz